The Story Behind Lint

Here at Dryer Vent Wizards, we talk about lint A LOT. The reason? Lint is one of the most likely causes of dryer fires, but what exactly IS lint? And just why is there always so much of it? Is lint simply another dryer mystery, much like disappearing socks? It is not (though we're still not entirely sure where all those socks go…)!
Where does lint come from? Well, when you wash a full load of clothes, the wet clothes end up containing roughly half a gallon of water. And during the drying process, lint is created as water is removed from those clothes. This lint builds up slowly over time, getting deep into crevices in the lint filter trap and all through the dryer vent hose. This build-up is so gradual you won't even realize it's happening. If you don't notice it, eventually, your lint filter gets plugged up, restricting the outflow of hot air. That is what causes a dryer to overheat. So, all this lint build-up from drying your wet clothes ends up being the top cause of dryer fires. Yikes!
Dealing with all that lint is easy, though! Besides reaching out to us, your local Dryer Vent Wizards, to inspect your vents a couple of times each year, you should also be cleaning out the lint trap after every load of laundry dried. Another way to keep your dryer safe? Checking the outside of your dryer vent occasionally while the dryer is running to ensure exhaust is escaping. If you don't feel a strong amount of hot, moist air when you do this, there's likely a blockage somewhere.
Between cleaning out your dryer regularly and keeping our number on speed dial, you'll be keeping your dryer as safe as possible (and saving money and time along the way)!
We're the experts for professional Indiana dryer vent cleaning and repair! Give us a call at 317-268-3210 so Dryer Vent Wizard of Central Indiana can help you save energy, time, and money. Some of the areas we service include Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, and many more!

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